Starpower Management, LLC

About Us


Tel: 310-226-7176

Starpower Management LLC, a limited liability corporation established in 2003, is an elite, celebrity focused model and talent management and production company based and licensed in the city of Santa Monica, California.


To find, develop, lead, and manage a small number of the most talented actors, musicians, and models in to a career of celebrity-level success with name / face recognition (celebrity status), with the utmost in financial growth, with passion, honesty and integrity.


Starpower Management, LLC is a full service model and talent company. We have no advance fees. We follow Talent Management Association (T.M.A). standards. Starpower Management considers Screen Actors Guild (S.A.G). active actors with a reel on DVD, who have true talent. Actors must also be signed with a S.A.G. franchised agency, and have some name or face recognition. We also consider fashion models (female) 5’7” and up, 135 lbs and below, with a fashion look, 12 to 25 age range. (Minors must be submitted and accompanied by parent or legal guardian to all interviews, auditions and go sees). We consider females who are 5’5” and up, 135 lbs. and below looking to do Maxim, Stuff, FHM, and film, T.V., music video, commercials, and commercial print modeling. We are now taking on male models who have A-level agents, and who have proof of tear sheets from publications of a press run of 25,000 or above. Male models must be at least 6 foot with a model look, or have celebrity status.  Those with A-list agents are given preferential treatment.

In addition to helping our existing clients get work, we also assist new faces in learning how to become professionals. We teach new actors how to build their resumes, how to present themselves, and inform them of networking events where they can meet celebrities and industry professionals. We provide these services free of charge.


Starpower Management takes 20% of money clients earn through modeling, 15% for acting, and 20% for bands and recording artists signing bonuses. These percentages are standard for management per the T.M.A., and not to be confused with agent’s rates which are typically 10 to 15 percent. Agents typically have higher volumes of clients, thus the lower rate. Agents can get S.A.G. franchised, managers do not.  Additionally, we devote a percentage of our time and energy to discovering new talent and developing “new faces.” New clients are expected to get great headshots and zed cards so they can be promoted and land work. If some one has great pictures, or is signed with a top agency, we use the pictures they have. Unlike most agencies, or management companies, we have worked with a number of clients who could not afford pictures immediately and done whatever we could to help them find work without decent photos. We do not sign people who do not meet strict physical criteria, or people who are not able to be reliable and professional.


Starpower Management, LLC, offers both services and products. We offer services to our clients; aspiring actors, models, bands and recording artists. We assist them in becoming prepared to compete in the marketplace. These services are offered free of charge. The product we offer is our clients themselves. Our models and actors are submitted for work daily through all of the major breakdowns. Our bands and recording artists have been considered by major labels, including Clive Davis’ J Records, Arista, and Capitol Records. We continue to work toward getting them signed to a major recording label. They are not charged for the cost of submitting their work for major label consideration. They are expected to cover the cost of production of their work, copyright filing, and compact disc replication. 


Starpower Management, LLC, is located in Santa Monica, California. For security purposes, the company address is given only to those who have been scouted or screened on the phone. The firm does NOT take walk in’s, or drop off’s, and see’s by appointment only, with appointments by referral only. Annual open calls are held off-site, in upscale Hollywood area nightclubs.

The firms building hosts other media conglomerates, television production companies, website companies, production services, casting, and real estate companies. The neighborhood is distinctly commercial, and the office is equipped with a general reception area, conference room, and receptionist during business hours.


The company has zero debt and great working relationships within the industry. Within the last year, clients have met with a head producer at Mandate Films, landed a S.A.G. agent, achieved S.A.G. membership, landed commercial print work with Net Zero, and gotten their c.d.’s listened to by top execs at major record labels, all directly as the result of managements hard work, tenacity, and contacts.


The companies executive offices are under 24 / 7 security camera surveillance. All interviews in the office are conducted with a female assistant present.

The objective is NAME / FACE RECOGNITION for our clients. CELEBRITY STATUS is the ultimate objective, with the utmost in honesty, and integrity. Our goal of artist longevity, with the highest long term growth rate and world wide exposure for our clients, teamed with our unique vision, creates a force like few firms in our industry.


In the Film and Television department, clients are assisted in landing high paying work for MUSIC VIDEO, FILM, T.V., COMMERCIALS, VOICE-OVER, and INDUSTRIALS.

In the New Faces division, established and aspiring models are developed in to professional working models and actresses. The firm has a successful track record of helping models procure Screen Actor's Guild union eligibility like few companies in existence. Models are assisted with bookings for COMMERCIAL and FASHION PRINT, PARTS, and continental based RUNWAY. 

In the Music Division, company’s objective is landing band or recording artist with a major label record deal. Company founder assisted the rock band Kill Hannah in getting signed to Atlantic Records, and helped write the press release for pop star Jewel which was used by Atlantic to launch her world wide career.

In the production division, company serves as a vehicle of co-production for feature film. Current feature film ALL GOOD CHILDREN GO TO HEAVEN, now in preparation by the production shingle in house, is being considered by a number of A-level producers, one of whom will serve as production partners on the domestic based THRILLER which calls for shooting in LOS ANGELES, LAS VEGAS, and SAN FRANCISIO.

Clients of Starpower Management LLC will have first look consideration during casting phases for the S.A.G. production with a budget of over 40 million.