Starpower Management, LLC


Film Production
Starpower Management LLC, a film production, publishing, and management company, has a current slate of projects in development for 2013 and 2014 including a feature film animation trilogy, a thriller, comedy, supernatural horror, and a documentary webisode among more. With an array of access to domestic private equity funding sources, the company is also accepting offers of films for co-production consideration which have A-list stars attached. For more information, contact 310-226-7176.

Fine Art
In 2013, Starpower Management expanded to include the representation of fine art. The current offerings- in consort with numerous of the companies esteemable partners, include original paintings by master artists including; van Gogh, Monet, Matisse, Rembrandt, Franz Kline, and many more, with individual works appraisal starting at no less than 1 million dollars. The company is also seeking for its' partners, original works by Andy Warhol.

Lee Burns 
Starpower Management is pleased to have signed the greatly talented writer, producer, director, actor and model Lee Burns (Freaky Friday), whose film Freedom for Joe is now in pre-production.

Michael Manoogian
Starpower Management is pleased to have signed the award winning logo designer to the stars Michael Manoogian, who has designed logos for The Rolling Stones, The Grammys, and many more.

Moira Cue
Starpower Management is pleased to announce that they have renewed representation of multi-media artist Moira Cue, who will be releasing a new music video this year. The writer, singer, songwriter, fine artist, and actress recently had her debut solo art show for the Art Basel Season in Miami last December.

Martial Arts Legend MEL NOVAK who fought BRUCE LEE and CHUCK NORRIS on screen, returns with STARPOWER MANAGEMENT in 2013. The man who has starred opposite screen legends YUL BRENNER, STEVE McQUEEN, has renewed representation with Starpower Management in all areas.

Celebrity Clients
Starpower Management also has verbal and written agreements to co-represent numerous A-list music and film stars, which the firm keeps confidential. A confidential list of such stars may be provided to select producers, directors, or casting directors who have a valid interest and need upon written request.

For further information on Starpower Management, its projects, and its clients, contact by Tel / Fax at: 310-226-7176.